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World What's Up Season 2 Episode 5 The Band "THE NOW"

January 19, 2022 Andy James Season 2 Episode 5
World What's Up!
World What's Up Season 2 Episode 5 The Band "THE NOW"
Show Notes

The Now are a four piece band from South Wales who, although only started playing together in 2018. They have started making an impact on the music scene with their big, highly infectious, guitar heavy tracks.

The Now consists of: Shane Callaghan on Rhythm Guitar & Lead Vocals, Will Scott on Drums, Callum Bromage on Guitar & Vocals and Jay Evans on Bass and Vocals.

The Now are determined to stand alone with a unique sound. They have music and lyrics that need to be heard and it’s the band’s mission to make sure they’re heard by as many people as possible.

The Now have already worked with legendary producers like grammy award winning producer Jason Perry (Mcfly, Busted, Don Broco, The Blackout), Adam Noble (Coldplay, Biffy Clyro, Liam Gallagher) and Richard Jackson (The Automatic, Super Furry Animals and Duffy).

The boys single Dr Jones has managed to start their rise to success with it featuring on BBC Radio 2 - The Rock show "Johnnie Walker" and also a numerous amount of plays on Planet Rock with Wyatt featuring the track on his show "The New Rock Show". Not long after the release of Friendly fire, they got contacted by BBC introducing Wales presenter "Adam Walton" to air Friendly Fire on the station.

The Now signed their first independent record deal in September 2021 with Golden Robot Records; given The Now something they were missing to take them to the top.


In it together Festival supporting Noel Gallagher June 03/05/2022.

Plus More dates to be confirmed (I'll keep you posted!)

The NEW Single Holy out on 22/02/22.